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Resignation Request

Who Should Use this Form?

A "Resignation Request" should be completed if an individual is no longer practicing agrology and does not wish to remain connected to the Institute.  

Retirement Request should be completed if an individual wishes to remain connected to the Institute and is no longer practicing agrology.

A Leave of Absence Request should be completed if an applicant requires a temporary leave from the practice of agrology.

Other available forms include:

Retirement Request Leave of Absence
Transfer In Request Full Member Request


  1. Complete the online Resignation Request below
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Please review this form before beginning, to ensure you have all of the necessary documents and information.  This form must be completed in one sitting.

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Print this form, sign it, and scan the document to be uploaded here

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Briefly explain your reason for resigning from the institute.


I certify I will no longer be practicing agrology in Saskatchewan.

I certify this information to be true.

Only those applicants who have agreed to be bound by the above agreement will have their applications processed. Incomplete requests will not be accepted.

I agree to the statements above.
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